When Packing Your Home, Having The Correct Box Size Is Key.

April 21, 2018

When packing your home, you have to make sure you get the right size moving items in the correct packing boxes. Being packed properly is important to make a smooth move for your moving company.


1. When packing your lifetime collection of books, you want to make sure you pack them in small boxes. If you pack them in medium or large boxes, it causes the boxes to be to heavy to move, carry or dolly. In addition, it can start to cause the boxes to break apart at the seam. For your nice books, wrap them in packing paper to prevent any scratches. 


2. When you pack lamp shades, you will likely have to make a custom box. Get two small boxes, seal the bottom of the first box and leave the top open. Raise the flaps up and then slide the second box over the flaps. Seal the top of the second box. Then tape the boxes where the seam is in the middle to ensure they don't come apart. 


3. When packing liquids, make sure they are all completely closed. In addition, don't ever put your liquid boxes in the moving truck. If a bottle bust, explodes, or leaks, and gets all over your stuff, it can cause major damage. No one wants a mattress soaked in olive oil. 


4. When using wardrobe boxes to pack your closets, a great trick is to put your bedding in the bottom of the box. Since your clothes don't hang all the way to the bottom, there is empty space at the bottom for linens or even shoes. 


5. Label your boxes really well. You want to make sure to label what room they came from, list contents, and clearly mark if it is fragile or not. Also, if you know the layout of your new home, mark what room it should go in at the destination. 

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