How To Use Tape, Moving Blankets and Stretch Film to Prepare Your Home for A Move.

April 27, 2018

Advice from IPAK Solutions located in Dallas, Houston and Austin Texas. 


When getting ready for your move, you can save 20%-30% off your move expense if you prepare ahead of time. Here are a few things that you can do to get prepared for your move. 


1. Disassemble all furniture. One key to this is ensuring that you tape all of the hardware to furniture. The last thing you want is to arrive at your new home and not have the parts to put your bed back together. (Tape hardware on the non-visible side of the bed. Do not tape to wood finishes doing so could cause damage upon removal). If you have a 2- part china hutch, entertainment center, etc. go ahead and disassemble. 


2. Ensure that you are properly packed. The rule for packing is, if it can be boxed, it needs to be boxed. Having items boxed lowers the risk of damage, time, and cost especially if you are using a moving company. A poor pack job can lead to frustration and sometimes harmful experience. Packing is the most important part of the move process. You need to ensure your home is packed and ready for the move. 


3. Protect your belongings. If you are moving yourself and located in the Dallas, Houston or Austin area, we can assist you with protective moving supplies for your upcoming move. If you are outside of those areas, call your local packing distributor and ask them for Moving Pads (Moving Blankets are the best quality, but you can get "paper pads" for a more cost effective option), Packing Boxes, Tape, and Stretch Wrap. I'll discuss below how to use each item. 

* Stretch Wrap (aka Stretch Film), You should use stretch wrap to wrap your furniture and protect it for your move. You should do 2 layers of stretch wrap from top to bottom on all pieces. For extra protection, you should put a moving blanket or paper moving pad on each item prior to stretch wrapping. You typically need one roll of stretch wrap for every 750 sq. ft. of space. 

*Moving Blankets: As stated above, moving blankets are used to protect each item. If you have a piece of furniture, you want to take the blanket and lay it over the item, then use moving tape to hold it in place, then completely stretch wrap it. The goal is for no portion of the furniture item to be exposed. Common items that you want to cover with a moving pad are, anything wood, couches, any items that could scratch another item, and anything that you don't want to get dirty. 

*Moving Tape: You will use moving tape to seal all of your packing boxes. It's important that every packing box or shipping box you use is completely sealed with tape. In addition, you will use tape to secure hardware, cords, doors, blankets, etc... 

*Packing Boxes: The obvious thing to use packing boxes for is packing your home. But when it comes to protecting your items, cardboard boxes can be very effective. For example: if you have a nice dresser, take that cardboard box and break it open. Then place it on top of the dresser and tape it to where it is formed around the piece. Then put a blanket over it and stretch wrap it. You can do this same thing for glass faced china hutches, Glass doors, etc. Break open the cardboard box and place it over the furniture item. If you can't get it taped where your tape isn't touching the furniture, then just put the moving pad on first and then tape the box over the glass. Then you stretch wrap that piece. Use cardboard packing boxes as extra protection for your move. You can also use packing boxes to protect your items when loading a truck. If you have dresser, and need to stack something on top of it, use the break open the packing boxes and place it between the items as a separator. This helps ensure nothing will rub together during transport and scratch your furniture during the move. 


If you make sure that everything is disassembled, protected, and wrapped, that will ensure you have a safe move. Again, if you are hiring a moving company, doing this yourself can save you money. 



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