Using Custom Logo Boxes to Build Brand Awareness for Your Moving Company.

May 14, 2018

Located in Dallas Tx, IPAK Solutions specializes in helping moving companies build brand awareness and brand legitimacy through offering an assortments of custom printed boxes. Here are a few reasons why using packing boxes with your moving company's logo is so important. 


1. Moving Boxes with your logo with be able to be shared throughout social media. When someone takes a picture of their move, or shares any pictures throughout the packing process, it typically will capture your logo. Almost every room will have packing materials in them so the boxes should always be visible. Also, if they refer you through websites like Yelp, Angies List, Facebook, or Google, they will have a great presentable way to share your company and logo. Overall this will add some value as your boxes your provide to the customer get shared throughout social media.



2. It helps the client remember your moving company's name after their residential move. A lot of times, clients can have great experiences, with great movers, and a great moving company, but not be able to remember the company's name. Much of this is due to it being a very stressful time and their focus being on completing their move safely and efficiently. By offering boxes with you company's information on it, it keeps you in front of them leading up to the move, and post move. We've all heard that you have to get in front of clients a certain amount of times for them to retain your information long term. This is a great way to do that. 


3. It builds a professional presentation. In the moving industry, companies typically think it's these large things that separate them from their competitors. That couldn't be further from the truth. There isn't any magic technology or special moving techniques that separate companies. Most companies man power and trucks. What separates moving companies are the small things. Greeting your customer, being friendly, being mannered, keeping your word, etc... Another small thing that can separate you from your competitors is logo packing boxes. This gives the client a professional perception and can be the lasting impression that nets you more reviews, referrals, and repeat

business. The more uniformed and cosmetically attractive, the more likely the client will realize the legitimacy of the company.  


4. What does it cost? What sizes are most cost effective? Here's the deal. The pricing is all over the board from company to company. Most companies believe that custom printed boxes are an additional revenue source and somewhere they can make large profits. This leads them to raise prices and make custom printed moving boxes outrageously priced for any small/medium moving company. Our goal at IPAK Solutions is to use custom printed boxes to acquire new clients and allow us to build a long term relationship between us and that moving company. That's why we believe we are the most affordable option when it comes to getting custom printed packing boxes.  

The next part, what sizes are most cost effective? The answer here is simple, small boxes. The most common used box and highest sold box is the small boxes. This will allow you to use higher volume numbers to drive down the incremental cost added to non printed boxes. Mediums and Larges tend to be lower volume and be more of a headache to manage the inventory for the moving company. That's why we typically recommend companies doing custom printed boxes for the first time to start with the small moving box. 


5. What size moving boxes can we do custom printed boxes for? Boxes that are typical for custom prints are Small moving boxes, medium moving boxes, large moving boxes, X-Large moving boxes, and Dish Pack (dish barrel) boxes. 


If you are in Dallas Texas, Houston Texas, or Austin Texas, and looking for moving supplies or equipment, please reach out to us for a quote. If you are wanting to take your branding to the next level with custom printed moving boxes, please let us know. Here at IPAK Solutions, we believe we can beat everyone's price while providing an exceptional relationship to the moving company while providing perks at low costs like logo moving boxes. 

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