Using Bubble Wrap and Mattress Bags When You are Moving

June 10, 2018

There are a couple main items that you never want to forget to use when you are moving homes, especially if you are using a moving company to move your furniture. When moving, Mattress Bags and Bubble Wrap will keep your breakables from getting broken, and Mattress Bags will keep your mattresses from getting ruined. 


First, we will start with mattress bags and what to know about them.

        One, if you think your moving company will come with them, you are likely wrong. Most moving companies have to manage waste as well as inventory. This means that moving companies won't send out mattress bags on their moving trucks. If you want mattress bags, you must include them when booking your move or call the day before your move and request them. 

       Next, the purpose of mattress bags: Mattress bags are to protect your mattress from getting dirty, torn, wet, etc... Here are a few scenarios on how a mattress bag will protect your mattress during the move. 

          * Moving Companies aren't exactly known for having clean trucks. To the contrary, movers do moves every single day and most of the time, don't clean there trucks frequently at all. This means if someone before you had bed bugs, or moving potted plants and had insects, or spilled liquid, this is likely to transfer to your belonging in some way or the other. Having a bag that you can put over your mattress and seal, will prevent insects from getting in, liquid getting on your mattress, or the floor of their truck getting dirty as they place your mattress in the truck. A Mattress bag is essential for protecting your mattress from the dirtiness of a moving truck. 

          * Another Scenario is when your movers are carrying your mattress through the house or trying to get it placed within the truck. Without a mattress bag, the mattress can get caught or hung on something and poke a hole or tear. I.E. If they take your bed frame apart and lean it on the walls, and then when taking your mattress out, they bump the rail and snag something sharp, it will easily damage or fray your mattress. With a plastic mattress bag, you will likely slide past the sharp object or at worse, just snag the plastic.

         * A final scenario would be, protecting yourself against rain. If you can imagine, moving companies don't cancel because of rain. Most moving companies, especially during the summer, are booked out for weeks and don't have a way to re schedule. This means the moving company will do it's best to ensure your stuff doesn't get to wet. But having a mattress bag is a big part. Here is why. 1. Carrying the mattress in the rain and in and out of the truck. It can get wet by the rain if they are forced by weather to carry it in a light rain. 2. Mud and water on the truck floor. The truck normally sits at an angle downward just like your driveway. This means water will get in the back and run to the front of the truck and puddle. The last thing you want to do is for your mattress to get muddy or the bottom part of it soaked. 3. Movers have leaky trucks. If you pick the right moving company, you probably won't have this issue. But probably 80% of the movers in the industry have leaky roofs. Typically in the "attic" at the front of the truck. Moving trucks are almost always in residential areas, that means lots of trees. It is common for moving companies to clip small limbs driving through neighborhoods. This means small punctures, leaky seals, etc can happen and get your items wet on a day with heavy storms. 

       Overall, you should purchase mattress bags for your move and ensure your mattress is not effected by any elements. Mattress bags are not expensive and very preventative for an expensive head ache in the future. 

      Now, for Bubble Wrap. Bubble Wrap is so important when you are protecting your fragile, typically glass, items. Bubble wrap can be used for many purposes. Although it can protect against scratching of wood furniture, metal, etc.., today we are going to focus on protecting glass objects with it. 

     The reason Bubble wrap is so effective for protecting glass is the design of bubble wrap. Glass typically breaks from impact of some kind. Whether resulting in a break, shatter, or fracture, impact is normally the root cause of glass damage. The design of large bubbles to inflate and limit the damage from impact to glass, is essential for protecting your items. Bubble wrap can be a little pricey, so using it wisely makes all the difference. Here are some things I would make sure that I used Bubble Wrap for. 

      - Fine China

      - Table Decor

      - Pictures Frames

      - Urns

      - Chandelliers


      Non Glass Items it Protects

      - Pottery

      - Trophies

      - Hard cover books

      - Expensive Lamp Shades

      - Any type of artifacts

      - Antiques


Bubble Wrap will provide the protection you need to ensure your top priority items make it to the destination in the condition you packaged them in. 


As the person who cares most about your property and furniture, make sure you take every precaution you can do offset any risks posted by poor handling, carless transportation, or overall low quality movers. Spending the extra money upfront will keep you from having a major head ache down the road and costing your more money in repair or replacement.


If you have questions or need to order mattress bags or bubble wrap, let us know. We would love the chance to help your protect any items in your upcoming move.


Moving Companies:  We offer price discounts for bulk orders and have the ability to ship Mattress bags throughout the United States. Ask for our pricing and we will show you how we can beat the prices you are currently paying. 






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