5 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas, Texas for Couples

July 14, 2018

Whether you are a local native, or a traveler just visiting, Dallas have many things to keep you entertained and active. In this article, we will go through 5 awesome things to do in Dallas Texas. 

1. Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens: This offers a nice and peaceful afternoon taking in some of the most beautiful scenery in Texas. The Botanical Gardens have an array of statues, plants, flowers, trees, and wildlife. You will have the opportunity to walk through nature, listen to music, or have a few drinks relaxing by the lake and watching the boats pass.

You can also visit their website at ----------------------------------------------------------->

 At their website, you'll find the different things they offered as well as their themed days. Their themed days ensure that you will go to something you will enjoy and can find people interested in similar things. The cost of entry is $15.00 for adults, $12.00 for seniors, $10 per child, and free for children under 2 years of age. 


2. Dine at Reunion Tower: This offers probably the most spectacular view of Dallas, Texas. You can enjoy your dinner at Wolfgang Pucks Five Sixty restaurant. They offer a contemporary take on Asian cuisine and the food is amazing. The view you'll have is even more breathtaking. From the time you arrive inside, you'll be met with a full 360 degree view of Dallas about 50 stories high. If the weather is good, you can literally see out over Dallas for several miles. For a romantic dinner with a once in a lifetime experience, you'll want to visit Reunion Tower and restaurant Five Sixty. While dining there, it is business casual dress code. They don't take shorts, collarless shirts, flip flops, etc.. 

         While at Reunion Tower, you can visit their Cloud Nine Cafe. This option allows for a quick and casual eating experience. Monday - Friday they provide quick service cold menu where you can also get drinks and coffee. On Saturdays and Sundays, they offer a hot menu where you can take your time and enjoy the scenery. 

         Whether you are visiting the Reunion Tower to just go up and look around and site see, or grab a quick coffee and bite to eat, or sit down for fine dining at Five Sixty Restaurant, you won't be disappointed. This is a great chance to grab a loved one and remind them how special they are by taking them to one of the most special place in Dallas, Texas. 


3. How could we mention Dallas without mentioning Six Flags Over Texas. This theme park offers an adventure and experience that is second to none for the adrenaline junkies out there. If you love to go ride rides, play games, see events, and walk around and people watch, this is the place for you. Visit sixflags.com to learn more about what they offer and what days to go. A few things to check before you go are, park hours, weather forecast, plan for special events being held there, look at parking options where you won't be faced with construction, and buy your tickets online. These things can make sure you maximize you Six Flags experience. 

       As far as pricing, Six Flags will likely cost you between $50 -$80 per person, depending on what discounts you can find. If you plan on going more than once, their season passes or membership options may make sense for you and your significant other. 


4. AT&T Stadium: The home of the Dallas Cowboys. Sign up for a tour to see one of the most impressive stadiums in all of North America. You'll be able to see what went in to building such a spectacle while being able to see and appreciate all of the detail in AT&T stadium. Even a better experience than touring, would be to go to an actual Cowboys game. Regardless if you are a fan or not, the experience at a Cowboy's game is subpar to none. You'll have the chance to see loving fans, great food, and an NFL game while you are at it. Who knows, you may see Zeke run for a couple touchdowns.

      For the non football fans, they also hold many events throughout the year from concerts to comedians, they have several entertainment options throughout the year. 


5. Visit the Dallas Zoo: This 106 acre park will leave you in awe. It is actually the largest zoo in all of Texas. The Dallas Zoo is home to over 450 species and 2,200 animals. You could literally spend all day walking and not be able to see the entire park. If you like penguins, giraffes, monkeys, tigers, lions, bears, etc.. then you will love that Dallas Zoo. They also offer refreshments and food as you walk through the park. Take a some time and enjoy some of the most amazing wildlife you can find within Texas. 




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